Information about Myself
Hi, my name is Charlotte and I raise AKC registered yorkies .
 I live in the mountains of Virginia near Ferrum college with
my husband and my daughter. My daughter helps as much
as she can, but she attends Ferrum college and is in her
senior year. I have always loved this breed of dog. I had the
opportunity to get my first yorkie in 2011 after being in a car
accident that left me unable to work.  I then purchased
another and another till I reached the seven that I now have.
The saying that one isn't enough is true., boy is it true.

My husband and I are home with them 24 hours a day. They
are not the typical  yorkies, because they go outside
whenever they want.. My whole back yard is fenced in.  I can
section them off into 3 different play yards depending on the
time of day or who is here.

All seven of my dogs sleep between my husband and me.
Sometimes they take up all the bed and you have to
squeeze into the bed.  i would not take anything for them or
trade my life.

We are currently working on a garage kennel for our little
ladies to have their babies in. I want to give them a place that
is colorful ,relaxing and peaceful to them to have their
babies in. Keep checking back for the unveiling of their new
space. We are also doing some other work on our house,
what a mess it is, so please excuse the mess when visiting
my home. I love talking about my  little babies and always
learning new things to make it easier for them and their
babies lives a little better.. Nothing is more important than
sharing this wonderful love that a yorkie give with others..
These are the most loving and devoted babies you can
About Us
  • AKC Application
  • Sample of food soft/hard
  • Toys       
  • Information  Packet
  • Soft blanket
  • Shot and Worming Records
  • Sugar supplement
  • Bag to keep items in
  • Comb and brush
Puppy Package
Below is what I include in a puppy pack when
you take your little baby home